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Piekary Śląskie is a town with more than 900 years of tradition which has been shaped by a turbulent history of the cultural borderland of Upper Silesia.
As a spiritual capital of Upper Silesia, since the 17th century Piekary Śląskie has been the place of Marian cult and the destination of pilgrimages. The cult of the image of Our Lady of Piekary is connected with the salvation from the plague of the residents of Tarnowskie Góry and the Czech capital of Prague and the town of Hradec Kralove in 1680. The painting is still believed to cause miracles happen.
The neo-Gothic temple is the treasure of the Silesian church architecture. The walls of the basilica are covered with precious polychrome representing the biblical scenes. The souvenirs from the visit of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski are stored in the church, as well as gifts from Pope John Paul II (golden rosary and stole) as well as other precious items. In 1896 the construction of a unique Silesian Calvary was completed on the Cerkwica hill, nearby the basilica. The Calvary is composed of forty chapels and the church crowning the hill. The surrounding park with unique tree stand is a place of spiritual reflection and relaxation in the bosom of nature. It was there, on the Calvary Hill that Karol Wojtyla – than the bishop of Cracow – has his meetings with the participants of pilgrimages of working people and those of husbands and young men.
Another attraction of the town is Kopiec Wyzwolenia (the Liberation Mount) build – as Slavic tradition has it – to commemorate national heroes, i.e. the participants of the Silesian Insurrections.

The pride of our city is the Janusz Daab Provincial Hospital of Traumatology which for a number of years has been among the best specialist hospitals in Poland.

Piekary Ślaskie located at the outskirts of the Silesian Agglomeration is an excellent base from which one may explore the highlights of both the industrial attractions of the region – the so-called Black Silesia as well as its natural beauty – the so-called Green Silesia.
The unique tourist and pilgrimage character of Piekary Slaskie is the reason why the town is visited by more than million visitors every year.
Today Piekary Śląskie is most of all a place of numerous investments. Thanks to the European funds the town develops the road infrastructure and plans investments for new business ventures.
The development of areas included in the Business Activity Zone turned out to be a success. The projects connected with the newly-created Industrial-Technology Ecopark are under preparation. New possibilities arise with the planned construction of the A1 motorway. One of the key communication interchanges of the Silesian Agglomeration is located in Piekary Śląskie.

The town creates favourable conditions for potential investors. The adopted zoning plan makes it easy for the town to manage the area designated for investments. The Investment Plan adopted in 2006 increases the efficiency of application for European funds designated for the years 2007 to 2013. For many years the town has been implementing the pro-ecology programme aiming at low emission reduction. As a result the town can boast the improvement of the air quality and the aesthetics of buildings.

The regular flights and charter connections to all European countries from the Katowice Airport in Pryzowice (only 20 km away) make it easy to come to Piekary from anyplace all over the word.