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In 1994 bill no. XXXVI/294/94 of Piekary local government from the 25th February 1994 introduced selective waste collection on the territory of the city. Thus the amount of waste on the waste dump was limited and valuable secondary raw materials were recovered. In 1994 the selective waste collecting was expanded to waste-paper, glass and since 1997, plastics were also gathered. In the city there are at present 186 glass, 185 paper and 70 plastic waste containers

Responsible for the selective waste gathering within the boundaries of the city is Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej sp. z. o.o. – Waste Management Company Ltd. A new waste dump is to be built soon. The future waste management of the city involves broadening and optimising the selective collecting and selection of waste while encouraging greater involvement of all the citizens in the process.

A significant influence on the aesthetics and conditions of the environment is the broadly defined vegetation, including the municipal green zones. Due to the development of industry and what follows, the great impact on the natural environment there is a constant need of enlargement of the green zones which play such a significant role in an industrial agglomeration In Piekary Śląskie every year there are spring and autumn forestation actions.

In order to eradicate the distributed emissions coming from the coal furnaces the city supports the Coal Gasification Committees (Społeczne Komitety Gazyfikacji) by participating in the costs of their construction. Up to 70% of the costs are covered by the Municipal Fund for Protecting the Environment. The suburbs such as Józefka Colony, Pod Lipami Settlement, Dąbrówka Wielka, Brzeziny Śląskie, Brzozowice-Kamień. S P Settlement and streets Okrzei, Ziętka, Gimnazjalna and Kalwaryjska are already partly connected to the gasification network.

There are two waste treatment plants in Piekary Śląskie – ‘Północ’ and ‘Brzózka’. ‘Północ’ is an bio-mechanical waste water treatment plant with flow capacity of 10000 cubic metres (353 146,67 cubic feet) per 24 hours and is located at Śląska Street. This plant cleans waste from the Wieczorek Settlement, Piekary and Szarlej. A business plan is at present in preparation for expanding the plant to 14000 cubic meters (494 405,33 cubic feet) per 24 hours with a possibility to periodically deal with rain water up to 20000 cubic meters (706 293,33 cubic feet) per 24 hours.

The second waste water treatment plant ‘Brzózka’ is located in Brzozowice Kamień and its flow capacity is 1600 cubic meters (56 503,47 cubic feet) per 24 hours. This is also a bio-mechanical type plant. It treats the waste from the houses on Marie Curie Skłodowska Street.