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The value of the Insurgent Tradition

The idea of raising a mound in memory of the freedom movement of the Silesian population started in 1930 on the 10th anniversary of the 2nd Silesian Upraising. The idea came from the Secretary of the Association of the Silesian Insurgents – Stanisław Mastalerz – a Piekary citizen.

On the 17th of September 1932, from the Sanctuary of Piekary many thousands of people set off to the place where, in the near future, a mound was to be raised. An Act regarding the raising was read. Thus the 250th anniversary of John III Sobieski and his army’s visit to Piekary on their way to the Siege of Vienna was celebrated.

After the works began the site was visited several times by the Commissary of the Upper Silesia Plebiscite Wojciech Korfanty who worked alongside the people, throwing the soil on the mound. Along with the commanders of the 3rd Silesian Uprising – major Ludyga-Laskowski, colonel Sikorski as well as Fajkis, Paul, Cymsa, Gajdzik, Mastalerz, Niemczyk and Szędzielorz. Also working at the construction were many insurgents from Wielkopolska, the insurgents from the January Uprising of 1863, people from Radom, Sandomierz, Płock, Gdańsk, Kielce, Kraków, Warszawa, Opole and emigrants from France, Belgium and USA .

The mound rose with each year, together with the Piekary soil the soil from territories at the Baltic sea, Hel and Gdynia, from battlegrounds in Wielkopolska, from Bydgoszcz and Gniezno, Olkusz and Cerlick, St. Anna’s Hill and from Kędzierzyn, from Cedynia and Głogów was used.

On the 15th anniversary of the Polish Army entering the Silesian territory on the 20th June 1937 the Silesian citizens celebrated together at the opening of the mound now given the name of the “Liberation Mound”. The ceremony was very patriotic. This could be seen at best in Jan Lortz speech: “We, the Silesian Insurgents want to imprint in the society’s minds the highest values of the Insurgent tradition showing in the earnest service to our country. On this tradition we want to base not only the noble national pride of the Silesian people but also the will to work with all the Polish citizens. In this enormous task that has been put on our and the young generation’s shoulders, the work aiming at the transformation of Silesia into an unshaken bastion of Polish power able to withstand each of the assaults launched on us by our eternal enemies, now again striving to steal our Piast forefathers’ land. This Piekary monument, raised with the hands of the whole Polish society stands here to remind us that we have to stand vigilant, strong and united.”

The Liberation Mound:

Height: 333 metres (1 092,52 feet) above the sea level

Height from the footing: 30 metres (98,43 feet)

Diameter at the footing: 68 metres (223,10 feet)

Mass volume 25 000 cubic metres (882 866,67 cubic feet)

Design: engineer E. Zaczyński